EU protection for whistleblowers is coming

After years of public pressure, the European Commission has just published a groundbreaking legal proposal to protect people who expose wrongdoings in Europe from lawsuits and retaliation.

The Commission used to resist calls for a whistleblower directive, saying that this was outside EU competence. To show that it could be done, my group in the European Parliament, the […]

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The extra copyright for news in Germany was a failure – yet the Bulgarian EU presidency now presents it as a good compromise for all of Europe

Should the EU introduce an extra copyright for news sites, restricting how we can share news online? The controversy around this plan continues to brew – this time in the Council, where the member state governments are trying to find a consensus.

The member states have failed to reach an agreement in the Council’s expert group on […]

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How some are spreading confusion about scientific evidence to push through an extra copyright for news sites in the EU

Is it a good idea to introduce an extra copyright for news sites in the EU, which would make sharing news articles with little snippets of their content illegal, unless licensed? The Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament commissioned an independent academic study to find out.

The results came back crystal clear. But if […]

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Civil Liberties Committee joins the opposition against automated censorship machines

Good news in the latest chapter of the fight over whether the EU should mandate the installation of “censorship machines” on internet platforms as part of the upcoming copyright reform:

The Civil Liberties Committee of the European Parliament today threw its weight behind a more sensible way forward than the one demanded by media conglomerates and proposed […]

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Upload filters

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Article 13 in conjunction with Recitals 38 and 39 of the proposed EU copyright reform/expansion

Also called: Article 13, Censorship Machines, Value Gap, Transfer of Value, Upload monitoring, Robocopyright, #DeleteArt13, #SaveYourInternet

Commission proposal

Internet platforms hosting “large amounts” of user-uploaded content must monitor user behavior and […]

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EU copyright evaluation report – full current text

Preliminary version adopted in plenary on July 9, 2015 – subheadings added
Changes to previous version (Legal Affairs Committee) shown as strikethroughs
See Parliament website for PDF download and official translationsBackground on the report: Context, status, next steps

Recitals A. whereas the revision of Directive 2001/29/EC is central to the promotion of creativity […]

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Trade secrets could undermine fundamental rights: I voted against.

The European Parliament’s Legal Affairs committee on Tuesday voted on draft legislative proposals on the protection of trade secrets. While the Parliament’s proposals are a slight improvement on the original Commission proposals, my demands on improving transparency requirements were not heard.

Constance Le Grip’s report was adopted with eighteen votes in favour, two against and […]

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EU Commission’s patchy and timid plans fall far short of breaking down national borders online

National borders on the web are here to stay: The Commission’s draft strategy falls far short of establishing a digital single market in Europe – this is my assessment of the draft digital single market strategy which was leaked by Politico yesterday.

The ambition to ‘break down national silos‘ in the EU’s copyright framework has given way to timid […]

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European Copyright Lawyer Investment Plan Already a Success Story

This is from the Department of Who-could-have-seen-this-coming:

As a reaction to a change in Spanish copyright law (Article 32.2) effectively requiring payment for the right to link to newspapers, for example as part of a news aggregator, Google has announced today it is going to shut down “Google News” in Spain and will remove links to […]

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“Breaking up Google” – or just bankrolling publishers at Google’s expense?

Today the European Parliament passed a resolution introduced by the two large groups, EPP and S&D, on “consumer rights in the digital single market”. This resolution had caused quite a stir in the international press since last weekend – before it was even formally submitted to the Parliament. Multiple news outlets created the impression that […]

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