People are taking to the streets on August 26th to #SaveYourInternet – join in!

A month ago, we made history: We stopped a law that would have massively restricted our freedom of expression in its tracks, dealing powerful lobbies an “unprecedented defeat”. Thank you for helping make that happen!

We’ve stopped the train – but the job is not finished: Now we must put it on the right track.

Decision […]

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What’s at stake in the July 5 #SaveYourInternet vote: The text, explained

On July 5 at noon, all 751 Members of the European Parliament will vote on whether to rubber-stamp the plans for upload filters and the “link tax”, or send them back to the drawing board. Please call them and ask them to do the latter!

What will they vote on exactly? Here’s the complete text […]

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These MEPs voted to restrict the internet in Europe today – but we’re not giving up

Today, MEPs on the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament were asked to decide: Should your freedom to participate on the web be restricted to serve corporate interests – or should alternative measures be adopted that safeguard fundamental rights?

Despite a massive outpouring of protest from voters during these last few days, the […]

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The internet after Axel Voss: What’s at stake in tomorrow’s copyright vote

Twenty-one months of debate are coming to a point. In less than 24 hours, the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament will decide which of these two proposals will go ahead:

The Oettinger/Voss plans for a link tax and censorship machines, which will restrict how you can participate online all for the benefit of […]

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What’s really behind the EU law that would “ban memes” – and how to stop it before June 20

With two weeks to go until the crucial vote in the European Parliament, more and more people are becoming aware of the looming plans for “censorship machines” and a “link tax” in the EU. (Catch up on these plans here.) People are realising:

Our freedom to upload media and share links, and thus to express […]

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Breaking the web and killing innovation: Now even lobbyists admit that’s the plan behind the extra EU copyright for news

For months now I’ve been raising the alarm about the plan to limit the freedom to link that has been slowly but surely making its way through the EU legislative process.

The European Commission and the publishing lobby have accused those of us fighting to save the link of exaggerating the danger that the planned extra copyright […]

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EU copyright reform/expansion

Issues Criticism Timetable What you can do

Current status: FINAL VOTE UPCOMING ProposalThe European Commission proposed a legal initiativeSeptember 2016 Committee positionThe appropriate committee of the Parliament adopted a positionJune 20, 2018 Plenary positionThe Parliament adopted its position, making changes to the one suggested by its committeeSeptember 12, 2018 TrilogueClosed-door compromise negotiations between Parliament, […]

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Commissioner Oettinger is about to turn EU copyright reform into another ACTA

The publishing, film and music industries have hijacked EU copyright reform

The EU is finally preparing its new copyright law.
It’s a historic chance to update outdated laws sto the new realities and opportunities of the digital revolution. But a leaked draft reveals nothing of the sort.

Instead, Commissioner Oettinger has let the […]

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The EU is listening – make your voice heard to prevent copyright from controlling public space and the way we share online

EU copyright reform has been delayed (once again) until September to allow the European Commission to ask for input on two questions it can’t decide on:

Freedom of Panorama: Should you be allowed to take and use photos of public space everywhere in the EU without the risk of you or your photo sharing app […]

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Out-of-control censorship machines removed my article warning of out-of-control censorship machines

A few days ago, about a dozen articles and campaign sites criticising EU plans for copyright censorship machines silently vanished from the world’s most popular search engine. Proving their point in the most blatant possible way, the sites were removed by exactly what they were warning of: Copyright censorship machines.

Among the websites that were […]

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