Victory for Net Neutrality in Europe

Today, the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) published its guidelines on net neutrality.

This is a victory for civil society, whose relentless involvement secured the principles of a free and open internet in Europe. By demanding strong net neutrality in record numbers, Europeans managed to overcome massive lobbying by the telecom […]

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Commissioner Oettinger is about to turn EU copyright reform into another ACTA

The publishing, film and music industries have hijacked EU copyright reform

The EU is finally preparing its new copyright law.
It’s a historic chance to update outdated laws sto the new realities and opportunities of the digital revolution. But a leaked draft reveals nothing of the sort.

Instead, Commissioner Oettinger has let the […]

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Two years of lobby meeting transparency – how we did it

Two years after being elected to the European Parliament and right before the summer break is the perfect time to have a look back at all the lobby meetings I had during the last two years to make sure there was a balance among them.

When I was named rapporteur of the copyright report and […]

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EU aims to increase the security of password manager and web server software: KeePass and Apache chosen for open source audits

For the FOSSA pilot project to improve the security of open source software that my colleague Max and I proposed, the European Commission sought your input on which tools to audit.

The results are now in: The two overwhelming public favorites were KeePass (23%) and the Apache HTTP Server (19%). The EU has decided to […]

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Let’s keep the Internet equal and open for all

On Monday, the EU telecoms regulators’ consultation on net neutrality will end.
The input received will decide whether these practices will be allowed (among other issues):

Better, faster routes for companies with deep pockets (“special services”) The throttling of “undesirable” services (“traffic management”) Providers picking and choosing which services are exempt from your plan’s data allowance (“zero rating”) […]

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Luxleaks verdict against two whistle-blowers contradicts intention of legislators as trade secrets directive is misquoted

Luxleaks verdict against two whistle-blowers contradicts intention of legislators as trade secrets directive is misquoted

Statement by Jean-Marie Cavada, Sergio Cofferati, Laura Ferrara, Constance LeGrip and Julia Reda

Brussels, 1 July 2016

Members of the European Parliament involved in the drafting of the trade secrets directive, which was recently adopted by the EU institutions, have […]

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LuxLeaks verdict: Whistleblowers are acting in the public interest

MEP Julia Reda comments on today’s verdict in the “LuxLeaks” case. The Luxembourg correctional tribunal’s decision finds former PricewaterhouseCoopers employees Antoine Deltour and Raphaël Halet guilty. Journalist Edouard Perrin was cleared of his charges. They were prosecuted after publishing documents that led to the uncovering of far-reaching tax avoidance schemes:

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Help the EU make free software more reliable and secure

Remember how we managed to raise €1 million to demonstrate security and freedom aren’t opposites? For the next two weeks now (until July 8, 2016), you can decide which project you think should be the first to receive a code review as part of the FOSSA pilot project.

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My speech at CREATe Festival 2016 London

Julia speaking at CREATe Festival 2016 London (Foto by @LionelBently)

This is the transcript of my speech at CREATe Festival 2016 in London, UK on June 24th, 2016, the day after the EU referendum.

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Last call to protect freedom of panorama across Europe

Last summer, my copyright report kicked off a debate about Freedom of Panorama across Europe. The copyright exception that allows people to take and freely use pictures of buildings and artworks in public space has remained a hot topic since then – and the European Commission is now asking for your input on what they […]

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