LuxLeaks verdict: Whistleblowers are acting in the public interest

MEP Julia Reda comments on today’s verdict in the “LuxLeaks” case. The Luxembourg correctional tribunal’s decision finds former PricewaterhouseCoopers employees Antoine Deltour and Raphaël Halet guilty. Journalist Edouard Perrin was cleared of his charges. They were prosecuted after publishing documents that led to the uncovering of far-reaching tax avoidance schemes:

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Help the EU make free software more reliable and secure

Remember how we managed to raise €1 million to demonstrate security and freedom aren’t opposites? For the next two weeks now (until July 8, 2016), you can decide which project you think should be the first to receive a code review as part of the FOSSA pilot project.

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My speech at CREATe Festival 2016 London

Julia speaking at CREATe Festival 2016 London (Foto by @LionelBently)

This is the transcript of my speech at CREATe Festival 2016 in London, UK on June 24th, 2016, the day after the EU referendum.

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Last call to protect freedom of panorama across Europe

Last summer, my copyright report kicked off a debate about Freedom of Panorama across Europe. The copyright exception that allows people to take and freely use pictures of buildings and artworks in public space has remained a hot topic since then – and the European Commission is now asking for your input on what they […]

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EuroDIG workshop on digital divide: Connecting participants

At this year’s European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG), I hosted a workshop on Confronting the Digital Divide: Refugees, human rights and Internet access. During the workshop, information about lots of great projects by and for people arriving in Europe were shared. In order to exchange this information, I have opened a pad where workshop […]

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I’m launching a campaign to end geoblocking in the EU. Are you in?

The EU continues taking baby steps towards a Digital Single Market, when what we need is a leap: An “anti-geoblocking” regulation that does not cover online video, like the one presented by the European Commission today, misses the mark. The Commission’s sector inquiry and the public consultation on the topic have proven just how widespread digital […]

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10,000 told the EU to keep links free. That got their attention – now it’s your turn!

Publishers want control over how we share news online

Publishers are lobbying hard to get more control over the way we all read and share news articles online. For months now, Digital Commissioner Oettinger has been mulling over whether to give in to their demands and grant them a new kind of copyright for […]

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A whistleblower directive for Europe! (Update)

Tomorrow, together with my group in the European Parliament, I will present a draft for a new EU directive on whistleblower protection. The draft directive, which has been launched coinciding with the trial of LuxLeaks whistleblower Antoine Deltour, aims to provide the basis and further impetus for a proposal to this end from the European […]

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Android antitrust case: We must prevent user lock-in

Commenting on the Google Android antitrust case, on which Commissioner Vestager today presented a Statement of Objections, MEP Julia Reda states:

I welcome antitrust actions aimed at dismantling user lock-in and limiting choice concerning the devices that influence our lives to an ever larger degree.

Consumers must have full freedom to choose between hardware, firmware, operating systems, […]

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New EU Trade Secrets rules open the door to abuses and endanger whistleblowers

European voters will not understand why our reaction to the Panama Papers consists of strengthening corporate secrecy and deterring whistleblowers.

Ignoring urgent warnings by whistleblowers, journalists, trade unions and over 800,000 Europeans, the majority in the EU Parliament today adopted new rules on the protection of trade secrets.

These new rules on ‘trade secrets’ leave the door […]

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