This video is not available in your country: Watch MEPs defend national borders on the Internet

“Geoblocking is essential to protect European cultural diversity”: This was the argument repeatedly put forth in three different European Parliament committees last week.

On the agenda: My copyright evaluation report, in which I argue that we need an update as well as further harmonization of EU copyright rules to meet today’s demand for cross-border cultural […]

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Copyright update: Creators, what is your opinion?

The EU will make a proposal for copyright reform this year. On behalf of the European Parliament, I am currently working on an evaluation of the current EU rules. The stakeholders whose voices are loudest in the debate are the rightholders – the voices of creators themselves are heard much less.

Do the plans of the collecting societies really […]

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Not this again! Europe mustn’t backtrack on its support of encryption and rejection of surveillance

Today we know: After the tragic events of September 11th 2001, the U.S. put into place – in the name of security – a set of secret policies that sacrificed the very values they were supposedly defending. These measures, ranging from global mass surveillance all the way to the torture of prisoners, were enforced with the avid support […]

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One bright day in the middle of the night…: Reactions to my copyright evaluation report

 What do you see?

This could be the beginning of a reform of copyright which finally takes into account the needs of people in the 21st century.
–Marcin Maj, Dziennik Interautów

The losers [of the report’s proposals] are European individuals […]: they lose protection over their own words and images, becoming second class global […]

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EU copyright rules maladapted to the Internet, upcoming Parliamentary report finds

This is the press release summarizing the report. To view the blog post, click here.

EU copyright rules are maladapted to the increase of cross-border cultural exchange facilitated by the Internet, an upcoming European Parliament own-initiative report evaluating 2001’s copyright directive finds. The draft released today by Julia Reda, MEP for the German Pirate Party, […]

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Report: EU copyright rules are maladapted to the increase of cross-border cultural exchange on the web

This is the core finding of my draft report for the European Parliament evaluating 2001’s copyright directive:

Although the directive was meant to adapt copyright to the digital age, in reality it is blocking the exchange of knowledge and culture across borders today.

Europe would benefit from a copyright that promotes creativity not just […]

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I raised €1 million to demonstrate security and freedom aren’t opposites

When a politican talks about security, they’re usually coming for your civil rights.

When a politican talks about security technology, they’re usually coming for your civil rights. Suspicionless mass surveillance, secret internet blocklists, arduous security theatre at airports: Safety and freedom are presented as trade-offs — and many politicians are all too willing to sacrifice more and […]

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Oettinger seeks EU copyright expansion for press publishers in spite of its abject failure in Germany and Spain

At today’s debut meeting of the European Parliament’s copyright working group, digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger expressed his wish for an EU-wide ancillary copyright law for press publishers, citing it as an example area of copyright where action was required at an EU level.

Julia Reda, Pirate Party MEP and Greens/EFA representative in the working group, […]

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TISA trade agreement threatens net neutrality, data protection and consumer rights

The newest leak on the TISA trade agreement once again confirms the danger that free trade agreements pose to our democracy. Like ACTA, CETA and TTIP before it, TISA demonstrates that these intransparently negotiated treaties are driven by the interests of multinational corporations and risk undermining the efforts of the European Parliament to ensure consumer […]

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My upcoming report on EU copyright

Update: The draft report has now been published. This page is out of date!

The European Parliament’s first contribution to the upcoming copyright reform is going to be a report on the implementation of the previous directive on this matter from 2001 (the so-called “Infosoc Directive”).

The Parliament has appointed me rapporteur of the report. This […]

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